Local Pirate Group Promotes Scurvy Awareness Day

Austin, TX – Sparrow’s Gold, a local pirate crew, will be promoting Scurvy awareness on the eve of May second, the year of our Lord two thousand and thirteen, on South Congress for First Thursday. The crew will be sharing information with the public on self-diagnosis, identifying the disease in crew mates, and methods of prevention. The crew will also be handing out limes and imbibing in their favorite preventative cocktails (for educational purposes only). If you have questions or fear that you may have the disease, feel free to seek them out.*

Or, if scurvy prevention isn’t your thing, you can always help raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation – http://www.austinovertheedge.com/BuccaneerByron/

About Sparrow’s Gold
Sparrow’s Gold is an Austin based renaissance faire clan whose mission is to drink more rum and have more fun. For more information, find us on Facebook.

To learn more about this event, please contact Richard the Red, Boatswain


*Disclaimer: No crew member of Sparrow’s Gold is a doctor. Even the ship’s doctor isn’t actually a doctor (he sold used cars before he went on the account). No member of Sparrow’s Gold is qualified to give you medical advice regardless of how many episodes of “House” they have seen. If one of them offers to write you a prescription, politely decline the offer. If one of them offers you a lime – eat it!